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April 2, 2012

Spring Break - Day 1 (AKA Please let this day go well)

So far so good. Taking the kids to Target in a bit and then having lunch with my Mom this afternoon. Tonight's goal is to clean up the kitchen/counters and straighten up the basement playroom. There's a big ass bottle of wine in the fridge and I'm guessing the basement is going to be neglected because of it. Normally I'd say screw the kitchen, but that's what I said all weekend. April looks like someone threw up on our calendar, there's so much shiznit on it. So we totally ignored everything and chilled this weekend. Like seriously, I did so little yesterday, I was actually falling asleep from boredom. It was AWESOME!!! Anyway, the sun is out, it's a little windy and cool, but otherwise looks like the start of a nice day! I'm unusually optimistic this week will turn out well. :) Too bad they don't actually make these:

The afternoon was OK. We never made it to Target (I was working, mostly), but we did make it to a slightly crazy child-infested chick-fil-a for lunch. Apparently we weren't the only ones that wanted to test out the new one during spring break. By the time we got home, the kids and I were tired. The Girl took a nap, The Boy settled down to watch a DVD and I ended up on the couch feeling very craptastic. My Mom came by after she got off work and we all went for a ride to pick up her new-to-her car (quite nice, actually). Dinner was at a diner, spent most of it telling The Boy to keep his voice down and The Girl to keep her butt down... on the booster seat. Got home, put the short people down to bed and waited for The Husband to come home. Probably one of the most boring days ever. I want to stick a pencil in my eye for recapping such a lame day, but I'm trying this new thing called "follow through". Said I would, so I'm gonna. Hopefully tomorrow is better. Adios, people.

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