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April 5, 2012

Spring Break - Day 4 (aka Bra Day)

My bra's arrived!! My big ole honkin' mamma jamma bras arrived at the big girl store so the short people and I went to get them. And for added fun, we took along Mrs. W from across the street. She loves the big girl store too. Try as we might to warn the short people ahead of time, they were a little noisy and hyper and The Diva would NOT.STOP.TOUCHING.THINGS. I mean really, who puts bracelets and shiny earrings at KNEE level? That's optimum kid messing-touching-breaking height! Once I tried the bras on (they fit!!) we took off for home. Mrs. W was meeting up with her hubster and I went to chat with the Mommy down at the end of our row of houses. Her kids were playing with a bucket and a hose and MY kids ran over there so fast The Boy tripped and skinned his knee. He cried for 30 seconds then got up and forgot all about it while he doused himself and Rapunzel (the neighbor's daughter) with garden hose water. After a bit we realized The Husband was home and he came out to join us. We chatted for a bit, then decided to go get dinner out and let the kids run off more energy before bedtime. It worked well, but it's really hard to take The Husband to the playground! He gets overly protective and possessive and worries WAY too much about what the other kids are doing and what their parents aren't doing about it. I guess I am used to it and as long as no one pushes my kid or makes them upset or cry, then I try and just let them play. They are going to encounter bullies and bigger people their whole life. They need to learn how to stick up for themselves. That doesn't mean I won't beat the snot out of some Mom who doesn't care that her 12 year old son just ran over my 2 year old Diva on the toddler slide. Because I totally would.

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