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April 4, 2012

Spring Break - Day 3 (aka Let Mommy Nap Day!)

I did not feel so good today. All achey and sore and SUPER tired. Like you get when those parasite-zygote-pre-fetus baby things suck all your fecking energy when you are like 7-14 weeks pregnant. I was always like "WTH, why am I falling asleep at 11am?" and then 2 days later I'd pee on a stick and go "oh, that's why". But that's not the case now... because we had The Husband neutered a LONG time ago. And if that IS the case, then I need the name of a good attorney, cuz I'm suing SOMEONE.

Anyway, Mommy spent a lot of today doing nothing. The kids were ok with it, mostly because I let them use the CRAYONS... unsupervised. And that's like giving them gold. Or playdoh. But we don't own playdoh. I throw that ish out immediately if it shows up. I hate that stuff almost as much as our bitch neighbor. Ohhh... maybe I should put playdoh on her lawn. Just sprinkle it everywhere like little happy rainbow turds. That would be fun.

So we just kinda hung around in our pj's today. It was ok.

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