All of the craziness with none of the wait!

Me, Him, Them

There's not much to tell, really. I like wine. I think I am a good mom, but am definitely a lazy ass housewife. I hate to clean, even though it's part of my "job". I usually tell people that if they don't like their job, quit. Um, not really an option here. Too many con's on that list, like not having insurance. I like wine. I'm usually blunt, honest and very open about everything... like TMI everything. But no one is forcing you to read this. And if they are, call for help. It's not that good. Did I mention that I like wine?

Me & The Husband - We met. We kissed. We fell in love. We got married. And THEN we had kids. A totally foreign concept in his family.

The Boy - born premature at 30 weeks. He was 2lbs. 9oz. He came home weighing 3 1/2 lbs. He's only a little heavier now. A little. Total class clown.

The Girl - aka The Diva. She's trying to take over. Everything. And she loves shoes.